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We prove our value.  Trying to meet the challenges of today with yesterday's tools is a daunting task. We apply root level analysis and a suite of innovative assets to bring game-changing results to our customers. Knowledge and technology . . . a powerful combination.

S4 Water provides a myriad of coagulants, ranging from aluminum to ferric, or blends.  Most of these coagulants

have high basicity, allowing for reduction or complete removal of pH adjusting chemistry and provides exceptional

finished water quality.

Polymers have many uses in water treatment.  Whether you need sludge dewatering or better floc settling, S4 Water has the polymer of choice.  These products are available in both granular or liquid, and all charge densities.

Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors
Your distribution lines are the most critical piece of any water system.  Phosphates give you the flexibility to clean and protect your most valuable asset, your consumers!  S4 Water has any range of granular or liquid blends you need to achieve your goals in the distribution system.

Filter Media Cleaning & Filter Maintenance Program
The filtration process is your last line of defense at the water treatment facility.  Like all equipment, maintenance is critical and your filters are no exception.  S4 Water offers the only NSF approved filtration media cleaning chemistry available.  Utilizing BlueEarth Labs Media Master®, Filter Fit® and Catalyst, S4 Water can clean various filtration systems; gravity filters or pressure filters, without removing the media.  This in-line cleaning process removes any organic or inorganic contaminants from various forms of anthracite, sand, activated carbon and other forms of granular filter media.  Filter media cleaning is a faster, more economical way to maintain your filtration media, extending the life and saving the utility operating capital.  However, filter media sometimes just needs to be replaced.  S4 Water has the capability of completely rehabilitating your filter from the ground up.

S4 Water couples filter media cleaning with filter assessments to assist utilities in knowing how the filters are operating.  Data obtained in the filter assessments include: floc retention analysis, rate of rise, bed expansion, backwash profiling, filter mapping, interface detection, media contaminant report and media microscopy pictures.  Sieve analysis and iodine testing are also available.

We also offer complete turnkey rehabilitation services.  These turnkey projects include removal and replacement of filtration media, chlorination and BAC-T testing.  S4 Water is a supplier of filter support gravel, sand, anthracite, GAC, greensand, and DI resins.  Call your sales representative or email us at for questions or a quotation.

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                                                            S4 Water Filter Media Sample Sheet
Storage Tank Cleaning

Over a period of time, the inside of water storage tanks, clear wells and clarifiers become coated with organic deposits, inorganic deposits, and biofilm. These contaminants contribute to chlorine consumption, causing increased levels of DBPs, nitrification, and also cause under deposit corrosion and reduce the efficiency of protective-surface coatings.  Using BlueEarth Labs Top Ultra®, we can clean any surface from concrete to steel.

Distribution Line Cleaning
Biofilm can play havoc on your distribution system, harboring pathogens, viruses, and under deposit corrosion.  BlueEarth Labs Clearitas® is an on-line cleaner that attacks organic and inorganic deposits and keeps them from attaching onto line surfaces.  Removing these deposits reduces chlorine demand and disinfection by-products, helping you improve overall water quality.

Wastewater Treatment
S4 Water also has a broad range of bio augmentation products; Phosphate Accumulating Organisms (PAOs), Nitrifying Bacteria, and FOG Reduction to name a few. Dewatering polymers and phosphorus removing coagulants also are part of our product line. S4 Water can help you meet the "Nutrient Rule" parameters that are newly proposed.  Our company also has Citrus Lift Station Degreasers that are floating or non-floating.

S4 Water now also provides PAA (Peracetic Acid) for wastewater effluent disinfection.  This product is a direct replacement for bleach, chlorine gas and 

sulphur dioxide.  Click Here for product data sheet.


Industrial Water Treatment

S4 Water is proud to supply performance chemicals to our industrial water treatment customers.  Combined with S4 Water’s service and application expertise, this addition to our already well rounded chemistry offerings allows S4 Water to provide complete water treatment applications in all phases of water and wastewater treatment applications.  These applications include boiler treatment, cooling treatment, closed loops and multiple other applications.








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